News from Inside the Architectural Industry

    Cabinetry and Millwork
    Cabinetry and millwork are often overlooked as it is little more than functional. Given all the beautiful woods, laminates, and solid surfaces available these days...

    A quick fix to an otherwise boring room is a graphic laminate
    ...a quick fix to an otherwise boring room is a graphic laminate. These graphics can be anything really from a branded logo to some sort of abstract art. Either way this is an easy way to punch up a space and to incorporate some unobtrusive branding

    Branding your Business, Inside & Out
    ...Delta Air Lines beautiful new Sky Clubs. Each space is designed with a specific theme in minda theme that creates a lovely environment for weary passengers yet will not let them easily forget that they are relaxing and enjoying food and drinks

    Signage - Imperative to Company Branding and Marketing
    At Futimis we are able to play a significant role in these branding initiatives through creating beautiful custom signage and interiors that perpetuate a brand aesthetic.