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Branding your Business, Inside & out

Marketing and branding has not always been so prevalent in our consumer driven society. Not until the 1970’s did brands like Proctor & Gamble and General Mills began to initiate large scale marketing strategies. In fact, up until that point, most companies depended solely on the quality of their products to drive sales. Since the onset of grandiose marketing initiatives, companies put their brand on essentially anything possible—paper products, clothing, accessories, etc. While the endless signage and perpetually strategic positioning of brand logos seems ample enough, companies rarely stop there. Restaurants, retailers, and other companies go so far as to ensure the interiors of their respective spaces are branded as well. Step inside a Bloomingdale’s, and you won’t readily forget where you are, regardless of the countless racks of clothing, that black and white design schematic is everywhere.

The same can be said for Delta Air Lines’ beautiful new Sky Clubs. Each space is designed with a specific theme in mind—a theme that creates a lovely environment for weary passengers yet will not let them easily forget that they are relaxing and enjoying food and drinks courtesy of the world’s largest air line. Every passenger is welcomed by smiling agents sitting at a branded greet desk. Custom signage is thoughtfully scattered throughout the clubs. Additionally custom, branded panels are tastefully installed in multiple areas throughout the spaces. Delta’s branding strategy is classy and discreet. Passengers aren’t slapped in the face with a logo every three feet. Instead, they are gently reminded that Delta is there, taking care of them as they fly the friendly skies.