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Cabinetry and Millwork

Cabinetry and millwork are often overlooked as it is little more than functional. Given all the beautiful woods, laminates, and solid surfaces available these days though, I have a hard time understanding why anyone would choose something with such an innocuous and mundane appearance.

It’s simple enough to create something that is simply a rectangle for storage, but to fabricate something that is both functional and beautiful is quite artful. Streamlined design with clean seams is, in and of itself, noteworthy. Add to that a unique finish such as Zebra wood, snowy white quartz, or even resin, and you have a beautiful and timeless piece of millwork that adds to the quality of the entire space. Form and functionality transpire into lovely artistry.

What may have once been designed to merely store any variety of glasses, DVDs, papers, or any sort of stuff, is now a feature in the room. This carefully crafted millwork is used to break up the grid in a room, they float and lean in their angular shapes, set off an otherwise uninteresting wall, and artfully house things like flat screen TVs.

Then there is the ever functional étagère. Don’t your beloved books deserve something more than just an IKEA bookcase with numbered parts for you to assemble yourself in the comfort of your own living room? I believe they do. I’m certain those old classics like “The Great Gatsby” and “Notes from the Underground” would be much more well suited to a stainless steel framed bookcase or étagère with cool, white quartz shelves than stuffed upon a dingy old particle board unit.

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