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Smooth, Clean European Design

Often when I walk into a room I carefully note all the various finishes utilized in the space. At times the walls are clean, although not uninteresting. A smooth, clean European design is chic and not boring at all. However, at times something with some texture or color is needed. Perhaps a Venetian wall may serve well as a subtle accent to a space, or some lovely application in resin or glass. Recently though I’ve noticed a quick fix to an otherwise boring room is a graphic laminate. These graphics can be anything really from a branded logo to some sort of abstract art. Either way this is an easy way to punch up a space and to incorporate some unobtrusive branding. These laminates, although they must be applied carefully, are relatively easy to install and remove if necessary. In recent applications I’ve seen them installed over mirrors which really adds to the dimension of the graphic creating a truly unique visual aesthetic.