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Signage - Imperative to a Company's Branding and Marketing

Aside from a quality service and /or product, branding and marketing are the driving force behind the perpetual growth of a company. Strategic placement of a brand’s logo and signage is imperative to any successful marketing campaign. Since the 1970s when institutions such as Proctor & Gamble and General Mills began to spearhead national marketing campaigns, the US culture has been inundated with countless ads, slogans, billboards, logos, and various other marketing techniques. In a consumer driven society, these marketing/branding initiatives are perhaps one the best investments a company can make.

At Futimis we are able to play a significant role in these branding initiatives through creating beautiful custom signage and interiors that perpetuate a brand aesthetic. Over the past four years we have had the privilege of implementing design and branding concepts nationally for one of the world’s largest air lines. These projects have included manufacturing and installing items such as custom stainless steel signage, fabricating custom quartz tables, and creating brand specific architectural panels, all of which plays an integral part in driving home the company’s brand to any number of the millions of passengers that pass through the airports annually.