At Futimis we sell high end, top quality, and unique architectural finishes. Coupled with that is the high level of service we provide to each and every client. We believe in delivering on our guarantees so that the reality of our brand matches our promises. It is our belief that what people experience should at least meet their expectations, and hopefully far exceed them. We want our reputation to be built upon more than a quality, custom quart bar top. We want to lead the industry in our standard of service as well. 

Our project list is as extensive as it is diverse; airports, branding, lighting, museums, exhibits, medical, and hospitality. Thanks to our broad range of experience we have the capability to take on numerous scopes of work regardless of the type of project. Over the years, we have fabricated everything from custom millwork, furniture, and trim pieces to branded signage, architectural glass walls, and beautiful exhibit pieces. Each new project presents unique challenges which we are able to meet with skill and prowess derived from extensive experience, product knowledge, and a complex understanding of design.

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